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Fresh Kitchen Love!

Hey you guys!!! I have talked so much about this kitchen on my Instagram (stories and posts) and I am so excited to show it off! Just wait till you see the before photos. Your jaw is going to DROP!

I just absolutely love the way this space turned out. So much love and attention went into designing this space! I had the pleasure of working with this incredibly sweet couple last summer. They were so full of energy, love and great humour. Every time I met with them to review their design plans, there was always so much laughter going on in the studio!

Balancing Time

What is time? Am I the only one who thinks the year is flying by already?! I feel like it was JUST Christmas! Jeesh!!! It is now the middle of March and I have yet to be able to get another post out! Although I spend a ton of time writing, what takes up most of my time is RE-WRITING! I don’t post anything until I am completely satisfied with what I have written. I’ll finish a piece and then I go back to it a few days later to review it and all of a sudden I find myself completely re-writing it LOL! What takes even more time is doing the photography. I work full time, so I try and find time every few weeks to set aside 2-3 hours to get some photos done. This is usually done at the studio, but it still takes so much time to set everything up and get all the right shots.

Life as a Designer

I feel like I could write a book on the life as a designer (at least what I have experienced in my time so far). Some of you may be thinking, you’ve barely been in the industry, what do you know?! You’re absolutely right! But because my job is so hands on, and we are a full service firm, I do know a thing or two so far. And every single day I am learning something new. So, instead, I am going to sum it up real quick for you, and maybe one day I will get around to writing that book!

What Feeds My Soul

Each time I sign with a new client, I set out a goal to make my client’s dreams come true. This isn’t always an easy goal to reach. There are so many different kind of personalities out there and each client wants something different than the last. I have the opportunity to get creative, find inspiration and draw outside the lines. Being able to create a design for my client that they absolutely have fallen in love with is what does it for me!

Interior Design vs Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating versus Interior Design is a question that comes up a lot when homeowners are trying to determine “who is the right fit for our project”. Well, there are many factors to consider when hiring a decorating or design professional. As a self taught professional in this industry with 24 years of experience, I […]

Goodlife Magazine

“It’s all about the plan. Determine the details of your project before getting your hammer out. The more thought and consideration you put into the plan, the happier you will be with the outcome” says designer Michelle Major of Foxglove Design Inc. Read the full article here.

Caplan’s Video

At Foxglove Design, it’s important to build lasting relationships with suppliers that we can trust to take care of clients. Michelle Major has worked with Caplan’s Appliances for many years on various kitchen projects and shares her feedback on why this company stands apart from the rest.

Cityline Project On Air

Michelle Major of Foxglove Design partnered with Mary Dobson of CityLine for the renovation of a client’s master ensuite and laundry room. The clients had a single sink vanity and an old outdated washroom. They wanted to give their space an overhaul. Together, Michelle and Mary designed a more functional plan which included moving a […]

Our Homes Magazine 10/11

“Any aspect of design is my passion, but I love working with people renovating their kitchens – from planning the design to completing the space with accessories. I offer complete design services” Says Michelle Major of Foxglove Design Inc. Read the full article here. Holiday/Winter of 2010/11

Our Home Magazine 09/10

“For 14 years, she and Graszat have decked their halls to welcome more than 100 friends and family to their annual. party. This year, they invited dream design team Michelle Major, of Foxglove Design and Cyndie Jerome, of Cyndie Jerome Design, to give their new Anten Mills home a festival. flair” Read the full article […]

Designer Showcase Home

“Michelle Major, from Foxglove Design, and Cyndie Jerome, from Cyndie Jerome Design have partnered on this project. Friends and colleagues in the industry, they decided to get together on this space, as the room includes not only a huge kitchen, but a bar, breakfast nook and family room, as well. The existing cabinetry will remain […]

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